Spring Brownin Sugah

Its Spring time and we are ready to Turn the fuck up!

We at The Raga Closet are aiming to push our blog to the forefront. We will be highlighting your favorite emerging Artist and promoting our various projects and Raga updates on our blog. Think of your favorite magazine or Blog, But full on RAGA style! Y’all feel us?

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We shot with @skuntflower check out all this magical Raga Drip!!

Styled by @Ragarebel (Kwame Simpson) using Raga originals from The Raga Closet.

Vintage RAGABABE  Shot by @ragarebel


Shot by @ragarebel

@ragarebel wanted to showcase his revolutionary Periodt pants he designed which can be found at The Raga Closet. This looks focuses on women empowerment using its modern day tendy design and its relevant word play that represents and aims to inspire Fems universally.

@Ragarebel quoted: “It can be super hard coming up with a look for someone and then to make them feel good in it is an even larger job. Its hard! Don’t ever look at a stylist and think “ah i can do that this is so easy” theres so many more layers goes into making someone feel like their on top of the Fukin world, I mean isn’t that the goal to feel like you’re the shit?

You must be mindful of every expression and hints the client is giving because body language in Clothes is super transparent and important. It can tell you if someone thinks the look is trash or the best thing yet. Also never shy away from being bold enough to suggest risk. Fashion risk are super scary. People are trolls, but it is a must for growth and to simply shake things up. Never silence your crafts! We love you!


“I wanted to mix that modern shit with some vintage shit” - @RagaRebel.

Pictures by @a_kid_ named_trav

Pictures by @a_kid_ named_trav

1. Introduce yourself & What you do?

Hi my name is Khadijah !!! I’m a logistician in the US Navy, Freelance model, and content creator.

2. What are your Fashion inspirations?

My fashion inspirations are Tracee Ellis Ross , Rihana, Aerin Creer, Dolce Telma, Cher, and I also enjoy male fashion in general I just don’t have any inspiration to pin point out.

3. What does sustainable fashion means to you? & Why is it important?

Sustainable fashion is fashion that increases your self confidence and represents how you are feeling.  It is important because your style speaks before you even get a chance you’re overall appearance says a lot about you.

4. Any Thrift tips and why do you recommend thrifting?

I recommend coping whatever it is you find that you are hesitant about leaving behind .. just take it sis!!

5. Why you fuck with the Brand Raga?

I fuck with y’all because you’re really OUT HERE GETTING THINGS DONE!

6. One thing you hate about the fashion Industry and Why?

One thing I dislike in the fashion industry is this push for someone to look as though they haven’t eaten. These impossible body standards which I see have been changing recently they have all these agencies that represent diversity and it’s so beautiful.

7. Anything you want to Say to upcoming designers and fashion influencers?

I just want to tell you all that outside of getting to the bag it’s about making sure you’re level headed “how you gonna win if you ain’t right within “??

Styled By @devilasawhore & @lunknight

Creative Direction and Photography by @a_kid_named_trav

Make up By @khadijahinspires

Kwame Simpson