About Us


The Raga Closet is a unconventional thrift store & clothing brand based in Brooklyn, New York. “ Raga ” itself means to defy social constructs through living unapologetically & limitless. The Raga Closet aims to infuse this “Raga” lifestyle greatly when approaching fashion. The Raga Closet aims to inspire all using the influences of Androgyny, & atypical patterns & materials, all while highlighting beautiful brown models.

We Are Now Located At 1080 Wyckoff Ave



The Raga Closet is created by Kwame Simpson, 23 year old Artist & Fashion designer. Kwame is a native of Guyana who migrated to, St.Maarten an Island with little to none artistic exploration resources & fashion transgressiveness. In 2009, Kwame moved to East New York, Brooklyn while attending THE NEW SCHOOL. There he majored in artistic studies which he developed the passion to launch which is now known “The Raga Closet.”


The Raga Studios is a Creative Artist hub, housed by The Raga Closet. a Showroom, Photo-studio, Event and creative space for RAGA artist all across the Tri State Area.

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The Raga Studios